The funding from respective sectors may be different, and the fellowship/ grants/ projects funding may change by time. Please check the details from respective websites


  1. Foundation for scholarly exchange, Fulbright Taiwan

    Various awards from Fulbright Foundation can be found here for US citizens including research, teaching and administrators.

  2. Taiwan Fellowship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

      Financial assistance

    (1) Monthly grants are paid at the beginning of every month.

  1. Professors, associate professors, research fellows, or associate research fellows: NT$60,000
  2. Assistant professors, assistant research fellows, or doctoral candidates: NT$50,000.

     (2) One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan (The subsidy will be decided by MOFA in accordance with the relevant regulations).

     (3) The terms of fellowship are 3 to 12 months.

     (4) Accident insurance (plus a medical insurance for accidental injuries) coverage of NT$1 million.


 3. Research Grant from Center of Chinese Studies, National Central Library 

   A direct round-trip ticket between the domicile of grant recipients and       Taipei is available; monthly grants are awarded according to the following scale:


Full Professor

NT$ 60,000

Associate Professor


Assistant Professor


Doctoral Candidate



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