Visiting scholar

Visiting Scholar service fee and paying policy

Visiting Scholar service fee and paying policy


The following regulations are set for the purpose of clarifying the administrative services and university resources obtained by incoming international scholars


A visiting scholar is a scholar who is not employed by National Taiwan University and neither invited under any governmental or National Taiwan University’s project and/or policies, and visits the university to conduct research with duration more than one month. Visiting scholars are categorized into exchange scholars and non-exchange scholars.

  1. An exchange scholar is a scholar who is recommended by a partner institution under a bilateral agreement with National Taiwan University, and formally approved by National Taiwan University. The administrative service and fee pertaining to this type of scholar are to be implemented in accordance with the bilateral agreement.
  2. A non-exchange scholar is a scholar who is invited by National Taiwan University however not categorized by any condition listed above. A non-exchange scholar will obtain administrative service from respective administrative and academic units on a fee-paying basis. The administrative fee may be waived for scholars working on specified projects commissioned by the Taiwan government or National Taiwan University.


Arrangements pertaining to foreign scholar services are to be implemented in accordance with the following rules:

  1. Administrative service: The Office of International Affairs will be in charge of general arrangement and coordination, and providing optional services such as the international scholar handbook, welcome package, accommodation information, campus tour, NTU ID card, WiFi access, library services, and other fee-paying services such as airport pickup, insurance and parking license.
  2. Academic service: the host department will be in charge of general academic and related administrative services.


Visiting scholar application procedure:

  1. Visiting scholar sends an application to National Taiwan University’s department or professor. Application requirements, documentations and evaluation criteria are to be set by each department.
  2. The department/professor replies to the applicant. If approved, then an invitation letter should be sent to the applicant and the Office of International Affairs should be notified.
  3. All visiting scholars should complete the payment according to regulation 5 listed below no later than one month before arrival. Scholars who have specified agreement with National Taiwan University will not be subjected to this rule.


Visiting scholars fee payment:


University Service Fee

Exchange scholar/
Fulbright Scholar
In accordance with the exchange scholar agreement/ Fulbright Agreement
Visiting scholar/
Fellowship Scholar
1-14 days: TWD 6,000
15-30 days: TWD 10,000
31-90 days:TWD 15,000
91-180 days:TWD 26,000
181 days – 1 year:TWD 46,000


Airport pickup service, insurance and parking license are optional services and thus are to be charge with additional fees. NTU ID card reissue fee is TWD 150.


Both the administrative fee and academic fee will be a one-time non-refundable fee.


Other issues not specified in this policy will be implemented in accordance with the regulations set by Ministry of Education and National Taiwan University.


This policy is approved by National Taiwan University’s Administration Board Committee and will be enacted from August 2014.

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