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Department of Chinese Literature

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Chia-Ling Mei

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I have always been interested in Hu Shih’s life and writings, and have written research papers about him, some are published in core Korean journals; in the past few years, five papers have been published. However, in my research of Hu Shih, I discovered that, in Korea, research on him was quite one-sided. Specifically, Korean academics focused their research mainly on the May Fourth period, including his literary thoughts, understanding of the May Fourth Movement, relationship with the New Culture Movement, etc. I am deeply aware of this and try to break through the one-sided understanding, as well as strive to find a new research field. Hu Shih’s later life and his thoughts on freedom of speech are inextricably linked to the Free China Journal, so this is an area of ​​research that cannot be ignored.

Prof. Jiyeon Han 韓知延



Dates of Visit:

 2024/2/22 - 2025/02/21

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 Associate Professor




 Visiting scholar


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 Chung-Ang University, South Korea

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 Asian Languages and Cultures

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