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Department of Philosophy

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Masayuki Sato

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My research area covers the wide range of East Asia including China, Japan, and Korea spatially, from ancient to contemporary in terms of time. I am investigating the philosophical tradition of this region to develop a new concept to reinterpret the ideological and cultural dynamics of East Asia. Recently, I have been interested in the tension between Confucianism and Buddhism in the historical process of East Asian thought, and also the differences in the way each society of East Asia consumes and tries to overcome the philosophy of Western tradition, especially in the philosophical tradition of the Kyoto School (Japan) and Contemporary New Confucianism (Chinese speaking societies and Korea). 

Prof. Minseok Kwak 郭旻錫

KWAK MINSEOK(ID card photo)


Dates of Visit:

 2024/9/1 - 2024/9/30

Position at Home University:

 Senior Lecturer




 Visiting scholar


Home University:

 Kyoto University

Home Faculty Department:

 Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies

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