Exchange Faculty/Fellowship Scholar

The benefit of being a NTU visiting scholar

International visiting scholar may participate in the courses or seminars with the consent of the host department and instructor. Visitors should be aware that they cannot expect other units, especially libraries, to provide them with work space.

The following privileges are available to international visiting scholars:



You may apply for an NTU ID upon submitting your online application.The ID will give you access to your department building, NTU libraries and gym. It will also serve as an EasyCard , making you save on MRT and Bus trips.

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Activate your NTU ID at the General Library ( GL總圖 ). Upon activation you should be able to enter and borrow books as you please.


Parking and Transportation

You are entitled to on-campus parking lots at the faculty/staff rate upon presentation of your NTU ID. All international visiting scholars are eligible to use our campus shuttle services for free

Parking Fee for NTU Faculty

Daytime parking (05:00 – 03:00)
Main Campus:NT$700 per month
Peripheral Areas:NT$300 per month

All-day parking (0:00 – 24:00)
Main Campus:NT$1000 per month
Peripheral Areas:NT$500 per month.


Sports Center

You can receive a discounted entrance fee/membership at NTU’s sports center, which consists of a swimming pool, a gymnasium, badminton courts, squash courts, table-tennis courts, etc. You may find more details on the facilities, schedules, and membership fees on the Sports Center website .

Sports Center Website


Campus Tour

You may apply for campus tour guided by NTU ambassador students to have a starting picture of NTU campus
To learn more about campus resources, facilities, and events, please visit our Campus Resources .

Campus Resources Links


NTU Wifi

You will be issued with a Wifi access after your arrival.



You are eligible to apply for on-campus housing. Please contact the following divisions directly. For more information please go to Before you arrive .


【Visiting Scholars Dormitory】
Please contact the Office of General Affair’s General Service Division directly. ( Tel: +886(0)2 3366 4664 )

【Hsiu Chi House】
Please contact Prince Housing directly. ( Tel: +886(0)2 2363 1066 ext. 40199 )


Health Insurance

You have an ARC

The National Health Insurance (NHI) is Taiwan’s official medical insurance operated by the Bureau of National Health Insurance in the Executive Yuan’s Department of Health. Taiwan residents must register for the NHI. Scholars who hold an ARC must enroll in the National Health Insurance (NHI).


You don’t have an ARC

You need an ARC to be eligible for the NHI. Without an ARC, you may want to enroll in other insurance programs. Your host department can assist you in enrolling in the program of your choice.


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