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2023 Semester End International Scholar Tea Party

2023 Semester End International Scholar Tea Party

By the end of 2023 Spring semester, OIA has invited our current global scholars to attend the Tea party for International scholars dated June 7th.


The opening remark from Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Hsiao-Wei Yuan, has stated the importance of the newly launched NTU Global Scholar Premium website which has largely included the useful information for scholars with different identifications. Furthermore, OIA endeavors to assist the global scholars with better adjustment to the life at NTU so as in Taiwan.

OIA also encourages the global scholars to advance cross-discipline research and collaboration by providing incentives and opportunities.



Dr. Chenhao Chiu from Center of Bilingual Education introduces the EMI policy.         Global Scholar Manager introduces the scholar related issues and resources.


The Tea Party has attracted Full time faculties, Chair Scholars, Fulbright scholars, Taiwan Fellowship scholars and retired faculty to mingle together and to exchange ideas and research focus. Scholars originated from USA, UK, Spain, Poland, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are having topic-oriented discussion, living matter at Taiwan and further possibility to join NTU in various channels and programs.


Join us by visiting our Global Scholar premium website via



# Harvard Medical School

# Temple University

# Korea University

# Indiana University

# McMaster University

# University of Lausanne


# State University of Jakarta

# The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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