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Department of Sociology

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John Chung-En Liu

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Over the last several years I have conducted research on engineering curricula in various countries of Europe and North Africa, particularly on the status of environmental issues (Gardelle, 2017a ; Gardelle, 2017b ; Gardelle et al. 2017 ; Gardelle, 2018 ; Cardona Gil et al. 2018 ; Sahali et al., 2020 ; Amdouni et al., 2022 ; Gardelle et al. 2022 ; ; Djennadi et al., 2023). My work aims to analyse the different visions, tendencies and purposes observable in the engineering curricula and has the objective of understanding how different stakeholders on the fields of engineering education interpret the necessity of training engineers to face socioenvironmental issues. Which principles, which values, which objectives guide their actions and their pedagogical initiatives? What are the observable trends and perspectives?
I aim to conduct research on sustainable development in engineering education in Taiwan. My research project would concern the transformations of engineering curricula, and the involvement of various stakeholders, with particular attention being paid to their views, objectives, and the debates that are being had. Studying these matters – at the heart of interactions between academic world, companies, institutional and political stakeholders and the youth – can reveal broader dynamics of contemporary Taiwanese society, and in turn help us find a way towards greater sustainability.

Prof. Linda Gardelle



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 2024/02/01 - 2024/07/25

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 Visiting scholar


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 ENSTA Bretagne

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 Human and social Sciences

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