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Ya-Hwei Hsu

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Dr. Ja Won Lee specializes in Korean art and visual culture, with an emphasis on art collecting, antiquarianism, and cross-cultural exchange between Asia and Euro-America. Her current project “Culture on Display: Collecting and Representing Chinese Antiquities in Korea” examines an understudied yet important trend in collecting Chinese antiquities and its impact on visual and material culture in Korea between 1700 and 1910. Building on recent scholarship on cultural translation, the issue of agency, and antiquarianism across the globe, it scrutinizes the paradigms of collecting practice and artistic authorship to offer new interpretive avenues for Korean arts associated with Chinese antiquities. She has been awarded fellowships from Henry Luce Foundation/American Council of Learned Societies, Columbia University’s Mary Griggs Burke Center for Japanese Art, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, and UCLA Asia Pacific Center.

Prof. Ja Won Lee



Dates of Visit:

 2024/02/05 - 2024/05/04

Position at Home University:

 Assistant Professor




 Visiting scholar


Home University:

 California State University, East Bay

Home Faculty Department:

 Art Department

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