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Ying-Hsin Tsai

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Takuma Kumashiro is an Associate Professor at Graduate School of Law, Kobe University
and Visiting Researchers at Japan Securities Dealers Association. He writes in the fields of
company law (especially corporate governance), securities law, commercial law , and
corporate insolvency law in Japanese. He read for the Bachelor of Laws (in 2015), Master of
Laws (in 2017), and Ph.D. in Law (in 2019) in Faculty of Law and Graduate School of Law,
Kobe University. His research explores the regulation for corporate g overnance in listed
companies. His research specifically has focused on appropriate incentive mechanisms for
executives, the role of shareholders in corporate governance, and disclosure system, as well
as regulation for executive compensation, which was re ported in CALS Asian Law Junior
Faculty Workshop at National University of Singapore in 2023.

Prof. Takuma Kumashiro



Dates of Visit:

 2024/02/26 - 2024/03/11

Position at Home University:

 Associate Professor




 Visiting scholar


Home University:

 Kobe University

Home Faculty Department:

 School of Law

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